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Automatic helium leak testing system - Double chamber.

Helium leak test systems is our specialty


We have made helium leak test systems for more than 40 years.

Our helium leak detection machines are usually automatic with big or small testing chambers. They can also consist of a helium leak detector with high vacuum pumping capacity and control system.

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We deliver systems all over the world. They are produced in our workshop at our main office in Stockholm, Sweden. We also have an office with workshop in Gothenburg.


Vacuum pump E17. Click for bigger picture in new window.


We have on stock vacuum pumps, instruments, valves, components, fittings, traps, filters, oils and mostly also helium leak detectors.

These vacuum pumps and vacuum products are from many different suppliers and are chosen for good quality and reasonable price. We use many of these in our helium leak testing and vacuum systems.

Our home-market for vacuum systems and helium leak detection systems.

Home market

The European countries and especially "The Nordic Dimension" is our home market.