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Vacuum pumps. Do you need a vacuum pump?
We have many different kinds and many on stock.

Industrial vacuum pumps
Mils rotary vane vacuum pump Evisa E17

Mil´s rotary vane pumps  

2-1200 m³/h.
1 Atm- 0,1 mbar.

Mils dry rotary vane vacuum pump Arica

Mil´s  dry rotary vane vacuum pumps

6-60 m³/h.
1 Atm - 100 or 150 mbar.

Dry claw vacuum pumps Mil´s

Dry claw vacuum pumps Mil´s

95-320 m³/h.
1 Atm - 50 mbar. Min 150 mbar continuous running.

Pedro Gil roots vacuum pump RVB

Industrial roots pumps

200 -15000 m³/h.

Industrial vacuum pumps
Side channel

Side channel

40-2100 m3/h.

Water ring vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pumps

9 -1500 m³/h.
1 Atm - 33 mbar.

Vacuum pumping stations with roots pumps +  rotary vane pumps

Vacuum pumping stations

The right pumping capacity at the right vacuum level.

High vacuum pumps
Adixen rotary vane vacuum pupm 2021SD with oil mist filter. We normaly have on stock Adixen 2005SD and 2021SD.

Adixen rotary vane pumps

2-120 m³/h.
1 Atm - 10-4 torr.

Turbo molecular vacuum pumps

Turbo molecular pumps

Low speed.
30-2300 l/s.

CTI cryo vacuum pump

Cryo pumps

Make CTI. 1500-31500 l/s pumping capacity for water vapor.