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Vacuum Products

We normally have many of these vacuum products on stock.

Vacuum component KF X-piece

Vacuum fittings, components and flanges KF

Mostly stainless steel parts, elbows, tees, crosses.

Fittings components ISO

Fittings components ISO

Mostly stainless steel parts like weld flanges, elbows, tees, crosses and adaptors.

Vacuum fittings flanges CF

Fittings flanges CF

Mostly stainless steel parts like soldering flanges, bellows, elbows, tees and crosses.

Valves, traps, instruments
Vacuum valves

Vacuum Valves

Stainless steel angle valves, bellows sealed. Pneumatic or manual. For NW KF, ISO and CF.

Traps and filters

Vacuum traps and filters

Oil mist filters, zeolite traps, particle filters.

Vacuum gauges and instruments

Vacuum gauges, instruments measurement

Pirani, Convectron, Piezo, Penning, Capacitans, Ionization.

SPS Quadrupole mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometers
Mass Spectrometry, residual gas analysis with SRS quadrupole mass spectrometers

Grease, oils, repair kits
Vacuum grease fomblin

Vacuum pump oil and vacuum grease

Vacuum pump oil and grease.  Oils and lubricants for rotary vane pumps.

Vacuum pump repair kit

Vacuum pump repair kits for rotary vane pumps

Kits for Alcatel, Varian, Edwards
and Leybold.

Vacuum chambers

Vacuum Chambers

Stainless steel chambers are made for rough, medium, high or ultrahigh vacuum.